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Post przeniosłem do działu z linkami. Czy jesteś w stanie coś więcej o nim napisać? Jak działa, jakie ma wyniki itd.?

Or maybe should I write in English?

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About how does it work:

this is my real account AxiTrader:
The robot operates only on the forex (there are similar ones supplied by the same provider for metals and indexes) and the logic is martingale grid

The important thing to have in the account at least 3000 Euros per pair 

You do not become rich but as you see from the monthly % the method works.
One important thing: the robot does not cost anything to you, the company gains 1 pips for each position in both loss and gain that which is taken from the spread so in practice broker pay the robot.

If you are interested join using the link in first post: will be arranged a period of 30 days on an your demo account, but you have to be equipped with a server on the cloud (with Amazon is possible a free ones for 1 year so you can create it ad-hoc and after the test delete it without costs month) or pc connected 24/5 (not suggested for real account)


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Main question is: if strategy works like martingale grid - what is the risk? I exactly know how it works in practice and how always ends. Drawdown for 99% by few transactions which you hold few months or years, because your funds got over. 

At this time we can see DD over 22% however I'm asking what is the maximum which you accept here? And is there any time when you do not have any open postion?

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The developer told me that some customer burned the account of 1000 Euro x pair.

As You can see now I'm trading 3 pair and I have a balance of 6869 that means 2290 x pair. I think that with 3000 the risk is minimum but that is just my impression.

I'm monitoring daily the trading and in case I see position with big size growing the loss I stop the automation on the others (setting the  parameter and waiting or closing immediately the trading removing the EA and closing the position still running).

In this moment the draw-down is 12% and I have a sell AUDUSD with size 0.27 running so may be I will adopt this action soon on a pair.

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